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“Knowing God in the Word” is for all to who seek to grow in knowledge of and love for God. It is for all with whom the Word of God is held in high esteem. In all our material, it will be assumed that the Bible is nothing less than the inspired Word of God, written through men whom He commissioned to write, and through whom He recorded His thoughts for us to read and understand. We believe that the Jesus Christ of the New Testament is the Jehovah of the Old Testament, and is the Creator of all that exists. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to human beings, and through It we can learn of Him and His plans for us. It is for the purpose of uncovering and discovering that plan, and of getting to know the One Who is behind it, that these studies are dedicated.

When quoting the Bible in English, I have used the New King James Version, except when otherwise noted, or when I have obviously substituted a Greek or Hebrew word.

I pray that my readers will enjoy “Knowing God in the Word,” both the radio programs and the other material presented here, and that all who listen and who read will benefit from and grow in knowledge and appreciation of our Lord and Savior.

Nathan C. Johnson

Nathan C. Johnson

I live north of the Twin Cities and am unmarried. I work as a research scientist. I was privileged to grow up in a family that not only believes in Jesus Christ, but who also loves His Word and His truth. I have been reading my Bible on a daily basis since I was 13 years old, studying the Bible since I was 15 years old, teaching the Bible since I was 18 years old, memorizing the Bible since I was 19 years old, and writing my own studies about the Bible since I was 22 years old. Since I first started studying, I have been reading and following teachers who value the Word of God and the truth above all else, including religion. It is my goal in my entire written and spoken ministry to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all things, and to set forth His written Word. I believe that the most wonderful thing anyone can experience is a loving relationship with Him through His Word, and I seek to encourage all who hear my voice or read my writings to enter into such a relationship.


Bob and
                    Angie Juneau

Robert Juneau

I live on the south end of the Twin Cities and have been married to my lovely wife Angie since 1979.  I am by trade an airline pilot.  I have been a believer for over 30 years but have always been frustrated with my ability to make sense of the Bible I so dearly love.  I was never satisfied with the answers to my questions that I was getting in church.  I have always been a dispensationalist, and I had always attempted to "rightly divide the Word of Truth, "II Tim. 2:15, but I had never understood this doctrinal position in its fullest meaning.  I became friends with the Johnson family and through Nathan's teaching, I have become aware of the advanced dispensational position that is necessary for Scriptural clarity.

A big thank you goes to my wife Angie as it was her idea for the radio program.  We are now realizing hers and our prayer for Nathan's teaching reaching a broader audience and we are confident that by it, you will be edified.
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