Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. -II Timothy 2:15

Welcome to Knowing God in the Word, the website. This website is based on the ministry of Nathan C. Johnson, the Bible teacher on the “Knowing God in the Word Radio Program.”

Download the outline for this weeks' show: Ephesians 4 part 1: The Unity of the Spirit.

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The Knowing God in the Word Radio Program is brought to you by The Word of Truth Ministry, publishers of Seed & Bread. Please see The Word of Truth Ministry’s website for more information, and for teaching material by Nathan Johnson and Bob Juneau of the Knowing God in the Word Radio Program, along with other knowledgeable Bible teachers.

The Knowing God in the Word Radio Program is broadcast weekly on the following stations and markets:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The program can be heard at 2:30 PM Wednesday afternoon (Central Time) on Joy1340, WJYI Radio AM 1340, FM 98.7, Today's Christian Word. The streaming version can be heard worldwide at the WJYI website; joy1340.com

Des Moines, Iowa: The program can be heard at 8:30 AM Saturday morning (Central Time) on Praise 940, KPSZ Radio AM 940. There is no streaming available, but visit their website; http://praise940.com/

Twin Cities, Minnesota: The program can be heard at 8:00 PM Saturday evening (Central Time) on AM 980 The Mission, KKMS Radio AM 980. The streaming version can be heard worldwide at the AM 980 The Mission website; http://www.am980themission.com/

Peoria, Illinois: The program can be heard at 1:30 PM Sunday afternoon (Central Time) on WPEO, The Word AM 1020, The Word FM 97.7, and The Word FM 103.9. The streaming version can be heard worldwide at the WPEO website; http://wpeo.com/

Wilkins Radio Network: The streaming version of all stations on the Wilkins Radio network can be heard worldwide at the website;

The following are the Wilkins stations and times when Knowing God in the Word can be heard:

Bakersfield, California: 1410AM, KERI Radio That Changes the Way You Live; 3:30 PM Sunday afternoon (Pacific Time).

Indianapolis, Indiana: WBRI 1500AM and WBRI 96.7FM, Grace Talk; 2:30 PM Sunday afternoon (Eastern Time).

Kansas City, Missouri: KCNW Radio, AM1380 and 96.1 FM, Kansas City’s Christian Talk; 5:30 PM Monday evening (Central Time).

Augusta, Georgia: WFAM Radio, 1050AM, Today’s Family Talk; 3:30 PM Wednesday afternoon (Eastern Time).

Omaha, Nebraska: KLNG Radio, AM 1560 and 101.5FM, Christian Teaching & Preaching; 6:00 PM Thursday evening (Central Time).

Mobile, Alabama: WIJD 1270AM, Truth Talk; 6:00 PM Thursday evening (Central Time).

Pensacola, Florida: WNVY Faith Radio, 1070AM and 104.5FM, 8:30 AM Friday morning (Central Time).

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: WWNL 1080AM and 103.9FM, The Good News; 10:30 AM Friday morning (Eastern Time).

Richmond, Virginia: WDZY Radio AM 1290 and FM 103.3, Richmond’s Christian Talk; 3:00 PM Friday afternoon (Eastern Time).

Tupelo, Mississippi: WCPC 940AM and 105.7FM, Truth Radio; 5:30 PM Friday evening (Central Time).

Albuquerque, New Mexico: KKIM Radio, Christian Talk, 1000AM; 6:00 PM Saturday evening (Mountain Time).

On this site, you will find posts of old radio programs, as well as new written and audio material by Nathan, which we will be adding every week. As on the radio program, we will consider a variety of Biblical topics, ranging from analysis of certain doctrines, to word studies, to an examination of various books of Scripture. Take a look, and let us delve into God's Word together!

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Thus says the Lord:
“Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom,

Let not the mighty man glory in his might,
Nor let the rich man glory in his riches;
But let him who glories glory in this,
That he understands and knows Me,
That I am the Lord, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth.
For in these I delight,” says the Lord. -Jeremiah 9:23-24