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Season 4:

*  Ep. 4 - 35 -Second Coming of the Holy Spirit 3: The Spirit Poured out in Gosp. + Psalms
*  Ep. 4 - 34 -Second Coming of the Holy Spirit 2: Activities of the Holy Spirit.
*  Ep. 4 - 33 -Second Coming of the Holy Spirit: Pentacost vs. All Flesh.
*  Ep. 4 - 32 -Bins for Bible Prophesies 6: Two Difficulties.
*  Ep. 4 - 31 -Bins for Bible Prophesies 5: Sorting More Prophesies.
*  Ep. 4 - 30 -Bins for Bible Prophesies 4: The Day of the Lord.
*  Ep. 4 - 29 -Bins for Bible Prophesies 3: The Last Days.
*  Ep. 4 - 28 -Bins for Bible Prophesies 2: The Character of the Millenium.
*  Ep. 4 - 27 -Bins for Bible Prophesies 1: Sorting Prophetic Material.
*  Ep. 4 - 26 -Kingdom Problem Passages 2: The Spiritual Kingdom?
*  Ep. 4 - 25 -Kingdom Problem Passages 1: Has the Kingdom Come?
*  Ep. 4 - 24 -Kingdom of God 7: What is a Kingdom?
*  Ep. 4 - 23 -Kingdom of God 6: The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God.
*  Ep. 4 - 22 -Kingdom of God 5: Kingdom of God in the New Testament.
*  Ep. 4 - 21 -Kingdom of God 4: God's Ultimate Purpose.
*  Ep. 4 - 20 -Kingdom of God 3: More Passages on the Kingdom.
*  Ep. 4 - 19 -Kingdom of God 2: Thoughts from the Waiting Room.
*  Ep. 4 - 18 -Kingdom of God 1: Passages on the Kingdom.
*  Ep. 4 - 17 -The Theme of the Bible.
*  Ep. 4 - 16 -Metanoia Means Submission.
*  Ep. 4 - 15 -The Meaning of Metanoia.
*  Ep. 4 - 14 -The Song of Solomon 10: The Lord's Fire.
*  Ep. 4 - 13 -The Song of Solomon 9: The Love Triangle Resolved.
*  Ep. 4 - 12 -The Song of Solomon 8: The Showdown.
*  Ep. 4 - 11 -The Song of Solomon 7: The Tempter Arrives.
*  Ep. 4 - 10 -The Song of Solomon 6: The Desperate Plan.
*  Ep. 4 - 09 -The Song of Solomon 5: The Return of Solomon.
*  Ep. 4 - 08 -The Song of Solomon 4: The Courtship.
*  Ep. 4 - 07 -The Song of Solomon 3: The Betrothed Couple.
*  Ep. 4 - 06 -The Song of Solomon 2: The Country Girl Kidnapped!
*  Ep. 4 - 05 - Song of Songs Introduction.
    Ep. 4 - 04 - Titus Conclusion.
*  Ep. 4 - 03 - Titus 3 part 4: Necessary Good Works.
*  Ep. 4 - 02 - Titus 3 part 3: Good and Profitable Works.
*  Ep. 4 - 01 - Titus 3 part 2: Saved By His Mercy.

Season 3:

*  Ep. 3 - 52 - Titus 3 part 1: Our Gracious Motivation.
*  Ep. 3 - 51 - Titus 2 part 6: Christ's Blazing Forth.
*  Ep. 3 - 50 - Titus 2 part 5: The Glorious Appearing... of Grace.
*  Ep. 3 - 49 - Titus 2 part 4: Young Women, Young Men, and Slaves.
*  Ep. 3 - 48 - Titus 2 part 3: Things New Women Must Learn.
*  Ep. 3 - 47 - Titus 2 part 2: Women Teaching Women.
*  Ep. 3 - 46 - Titus 2 part 1: Behaviors to Accompany Sound Teaching.
*  Ep. 3 - 45 - Titus 1 part 6: Sharp Rebuke.
*  Ep. 3 - 44 - Titus 1 part 5: What Does God Want of Us?
*  Ep. 3 - 43 - Titus 1 part 4: Qualified Leaders.
*  Ep. 3 - 42 - Titus 1 part 3: Choosing Leaders.
*  Ep. 3 - 41 - Titus 1 part 2: The Hope of Life.
*  Ep. 3 - 40 - Titus 1 part 1: God and Time.
*  Ep. 3 - 39 - Titus Introduction: The Man Titus.
*  Ep. 3 - 38 - We Establish the Law 14: The New Covenant.
*  Ep. 3 - 37 - We Establish the Law 13: The Second Giving of the Law.
*  Ep. 3 - 36 - We Establish the Law 12: Israel Under the Law.
*  Ep. 3 - 35 - We Establish the Law 11: The Broken Covenant.
*  Ep. 3 - 34 - We Establish the Law 10: More Misconceptions.
*  Ep. 3 - 33 - We Establish the Law 9: Misconceptions Concerning the Law.
*  Ep. 3 - 32 - We Establish the Law 8: The Last Five Commandments.
*  Ep. 3 - 31 - We Establish the Law 7: The Sabbath and Parents.
*  Ep. 3 - 30 - We Establish the Law 6: The Name and the Sabbath.
*  Ep. 3 - 29 - We Establish the Law 5: Gods and Graven Images.
*  Ep. 3 - 28 - We Establish the Law 4: The Ten Commandments.
*  Ep. 3 - 27 - We Establish the Law 3: Jethro's Proposal.
*  Ep. 3 - 26 - We Establish the Law 2: Two Lines of Truth.
*  Ep. 3 - 25 - We Establish the Law 1: The Covenant with Abraham.
*  Ep. 3 - 24 - Phi. 5: Paul and Philemon. Paul sends greetings and salutations to Philemon.
*  Ep. 3 - 23 - Phi. 4: Not a Slave, But a Brother. Philemon should welcome Onesimus back as a brother.
*  Ep. 3 - 22 - Phi. 3: Onesimus the Runaway. Runaway slave meets Paul- becomes believer.
*  Ep. 3 - 21 - Phi. 2: Not Required, But Exhorted. Paul exhorts Philemon to do as he asks.
*  Ep. 3 - 20 - Phi. 1: The Book of Philemon. Intro to the book and the man.
    Ep. 3 - 19 - Ephesians Conclusion. Looking back at our study of Ephesians.
*  Ep. 3 - 18 - Eph. 6 pt 4: Closing With Grace. Paul's Closing words are of God's grace.
*  Ep. 3 - 17 - Eph. 6 pt 3: Putting on the Armor. We must put on all the armor of God.
*  Ep. 3 - 16 - Eph. 6 pt 2: The Armor of God. Wear the armor of God to battle against Satan.
*  Ep. 3 - 15 - Eph. 6 pt 1: Submission-Children and Slaves. should submit to parents and masters.
*  Ep. 3 - 14 - Eph. 5 pt 5: Submission-Christ and the Ekklesia. Husbands love wives as Christ loves Ekklesia.
*  Ep. 3 - 13 - Eph. 5 pt 4: Submission-Wives and Husbands. Wives should submit to husbands as head.
*  Ep. 3 - 12 - Eph. 5 pt 3: Walk Wisely. Walk as wise ones understanding God's will.
*  Ep. 3 - 11 - Ephesians 5 pt 2: Walk in Light. We should live our lives in God's light.
*  Ep. 3 - 10 - Ephesians 5 pt 1: The Worthy Walk. Live a life of love worthy of the Lord.
*  Episode 3 - 9 - Ephesians 4 pt 6: Put Off; Put On. Put off old behaviors and put on new.
*  Episode 3 - 8 - Ephesians 4 pt 5: Growing Up Into Christ. God desires us to grow into Christ our head.
*  Episode 3 - 7 - Ephesians 4 pt 4: Comparing Two Unities. Why no Unity among all believers today?
*  Episode 3 - 6 - Ephesians 4 pt 3: What Happened to the Gifts? Why do the Acts gifts no longer work?
*  Episode 3 - 5 - Ephesians 4 pt 2: The Sevenfold Unity. The seven aspects of the unity of the Spirit today.
*  Episode 3 - 4 - Ephesians 4 pt 1: The Unity of the Spirit. Urging to guard the unity of the Spirit.
*  Episode 3 - 3 - Ephesians 3 pt 4: To Know His Love. Paul prays that God will empower us to this.
*  Episode 3 - 2 - Ephesians 3 pt 3: Boldness and Access with Confidence. In Christ, we have this.
*  Episode 3 - 1 - Ephesians 3 pt 2: God's Current Work. God currently works secretly and exclusively in grace.

Season 2:

*  Episode 2 -52 - Ephesians 3 pt 1: Joint, Joint, Joint; Equal, Equal, Equal. All nations equal before God.
*  Episode 2 -51 - Why Question 5: Why Not Now? Why does God not save the world now that Christ died?
*  Episode 2 -50 - Why Question 4: Why So Long? Why does God wait so long to save this world?
*  Episode 2 -49 - Why Question 3: The Final Answer. God's kingdom is the final answer to the world's wrongs.
*  Episode 2 -48 - Why Question 2: Our Wicked Representative. Much evil in world b/c Satan's authority over it.
*  Episode 2 -47 - Why Question 1: In the Beginning. Why does a good God allow bad things in the world?
*  Episode 2 -46 - Ephesians 2 part 4: The Middle Wall Broken Down. Middle wall of the law broken down in Christ.
*  Episode 2 -45 - Ephesians 2 part 3: What Wall? The wall dividing aliens from Israel from Christ is torn down.
*  Episode 2 -44 - Ephesians 2 part 2: Grace That Raises Us. God raises and seats us with Christ, all by His grace.
*  Episode 2 -43 - Ephesians 2 part 1: Caught in the Flow. Those dead to sins can still be caught in the flow.
*  Episode 2 -42 - Ephesians 1 part 8: Christ and His Body. Meaning of Christ, head of the church which is His body.
*  Episode 2 -41 - Ephesians 1 part 7: What Those In Christ Need. Those who are in Christ need to know him.
*  Episode 2 -40 - Ephesians 1 part 6: Paul Prays for Us In Christ. Praying that we will have the wisdom to know Christ.
*  Episode 2 -39 - Ephesians 1 part 5: Heading Up All in Christ. In the Kingdom to come, all will be headed up in Christ.
*  Episode 2 -38 - Ephesians 1 part 4: Blessing Upon Blessing. We have redemption through Christ's blood.
*  Episode 2 -37 - Ephesians 1 part 3: The Longest Sentence in the Bible. About our Blessings in Christ.
*  Episode 2 -36 - Ephesians 1 part 2: Chosen in Christ. God chooses us in Christ before the foundation of the world.
*  Episode 2 -35 - Ephesians 1 part 1: In Christ. There are many things God makes true of us "In Christ."
    Episode 2 -34 - Ephesians Introduction: The Book of God's Present Purpose.
    Episode 2 -33 - John Conclusion. Nathan and Bob discuss the book of John to conclude our study.
*  Episode 2 -32 - John's Postscript: What now. Peter learns to put confidence in the Lord rather than himself.
*  Episode 2 -31 - Untangling Peter. Peter feels he is unworthy of the Lord due to his three denials.
*  Episode 2 -30 - John's Great Theme. What does it mean to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God?
*  Episode 2 -29 - Believing Without Seeing. Thomas cannot believe without seeing, but we believe this way today.
*  Episode 2 -28 - Witness to the Resurrection. The Lord appears to Mary in the garden, the twelve in locked room.
*  Episode 2 -27 - The Empty Tomb. Mary finds Lord's tomb empty, tells Peter and John.
*  Episode 2 -26 - God in a Tomb. Considering the burial of the Lord Jesus.
*  Episode 2 -25 - Offense of the Cross. What was it really like to be crucified, as Christ was?
                    Supplemental Audio: A Cross or a Stake?
*  Episode 2 -24 - Hung on a Cross. Considering the events of the Lord's crucifixion.
                    Supplemental Audio: Thieves on the Cross.
*  Episode 2 -23 - More Problems of Pilate. Pilate's attempts to appease the Jews and release the Lord fail.
*  Episode 2 -22 - The (Many) Problems of Pilate. Pilate tries to free the Lord, but the leaders do not allow him to.
*  Episode 2 -21 - Not of this World. The Lord tells Pilate His kingdom is not of this world.
*  Episode 2 -20 - The Denials of Peter. Peter denies the Lord three times before the rooster crows.
                    Supplemental Audio: How do Peter's Denials Fit Together?
*  Episode 2 -19 - The (Many) Problems of Peter. Why Peter failed to be willing to die with the Lord.
*  Episode 2 -18 - The Arrest in the Garden. The Lord Jesus is in charge of His own arrest.
*  Episode 2 -17 - The Lord's Prayer for Unity. Lord's prayer-unity among those who believed through the disciples.
*  Episode 2 -16 - The Lord's Prayer for His Disciples. What the Lord prays on behalf of His disciples.
*  Episode 2 -15 - The Real Lord's Prayer. The Lord prays to His father for glorification.
*  Episode 2 -14 - The Day for Plain Speaking. Day coming when the Lord would speak to the disciples plainly.
*  Episode 2 -13 - A Little While No, A Little While Yes. Disciples won't see Lord a while, a while and they will.
*  Episode 2 -12 - The Spirit Poured Out on the World. Some day Holy Spirit to be poured out to change the world.
*  Episode 2 -11 - The World and the Paraclete. Holy Spirit reprove the world about sin, righteousness, judgment.
*  Episode 2 -10 - Then the Time Comes. Christ tells the disciples truth so when the time comes they will believe.
*  Episode 2 -09 - What Brings Accountability. The action of God makes those who experience it accountable.
                    Supplemental Audio: Age of Accountability.
*  Episode 2 -08 - Whom the World Hates. The world will hate the disciples just like they hated their Lord.
*  Episode 2 -07 - Where the Branches Must Abide. The disciples must abide in the Lord as branches abide in a vine.
*  Episode 2 -06 - The Vine and the Branches. The Lord is the vine and His disciples are the branches.
*  Episode 2 -05 - Taught By the Helper. Through the Helper, the disciples would be taught how to serve Christ.
*  Episode 2 -04 - Who Is the Helper? Who is the other Helper the Lord promised to send in His place?
           Everyone Who Asks, Receives. Supplemental audio
*  Episode 2 -03 - Whatever You Shall Ask. Will God do whatever we ask in His name?
*  Episode 2 -02 - The Way and the Truth and the Life. What it means to say Jesus Christ is the way, truth, and life.
*  Episode 2 -01 - A Place Prepared. Where is the place Christ prepared for His disciples, and what is it?

Season 1:           

*  Episode 1 -30 - Demon or Divine. The Lord claims to have come from God, but is accused of having a demon.
*  Episode 1 -29 - Brothers and Booths. The Lord's brothers fail to believe in Him.
*  Episode 1 -28 - Betrayal and Eonian Life. Some abandon, the twelve know Jesus has the words of eonian life.
*  Episode 1 -27 - Bread from Heaven. The Lord Jesus offers Himself as the bread of life from heaven.
*  Episode 1 -26 - Never Ending Manna. Those who saw Christ feed the 5,000 want never ending manna from Him.
*  Episode 1 -25 - Bread and Water. Considering feeding of the five thousand and Christ walking on the water.
*  Episode 1 -24 - Two or Three Witnesses. The Lord brings forward two or three witnesses to who He is.
*  Episode 1 -23 - The Work of the Son. The Lord Jesus Christ argues His equality with God.
*  Episode 1 -22 - The Waters of Bethesda. The third sign in John: the lame man at the pool of Bethesda.
*  Episode 1 -21 - The Nobleman's Son. The second sign in John: the nobleman's son is healed.
                History of the Samaritans. Who were the Samaritans and where did they come from?
*  Episode 1 -20 - The Samaritans Believe. The Samaritans believe because of what the Lord told the woman.
*  Episode 1 -19 - The Woman at the Well. What the Lord said to the Samaritan woman at the well.
*  Episode 1 -18 - The Waters of Salim. John the Identifier lets Christ increase, himself decrease.
*  Episode 1 -17 - Whoever Believes. Whoever believes in the Son shall have eonian life.
    Episode Review - The Gospel of John. Reviewing what we've studied so far.
*  Episode 1-16 - The Water and the Wind. The Lord teaches Nicodemus about the work of the Spirit.
*  Episode 1-15 - Born Again. What the Lord meant when He told Nicodemus about being "born again."
*  Episode 1-14 - Steps to a Godly Maturity. Three attitudes we must have to achieve a Godly maturity.
*  Episode 1-13 - Fruit Out of Season. Why does the Lord expect a fig tree to bear fruit out of season?
*  Episode 1-12 - Seeing the Kingdom of God. What we can see and understand about the Kingdom of God.
            The Kingdom of God in the New Testament: More truth about the Kingdom of God.
*  Episode 1-11 - The Whip in the Temple. The Lord drives the moneychangers out of the temple.
*  Episode 1-10 - The Water and the Wine. The Lord performs His first sign: turning water into wine.
*  Episode 1-09 - The Witnesses. The Lord's disciples witness to the fact that He is the Christ.
*  Episode 1-08 - The Testimony of John the Baptizer. Presenting John the Baptizer, first witness to Jesus as Christ.
*  Episode 1-07 - The Word and His Creation. Consideration of the Word as He interacts with His creation.
*  Episode 1-06 - The Word. The first 8 verses of the Gospel of John tell us about One called "The Word."
*  Episode 1-05 - Introduction to John. Background and details on the Gospel of John's origin.
        Supplemental: Higher Criticism  Contradictions in Scripture 1 Contradictions in Scripture 2
*  Episode 1-04 - The Purpose of the Four Gospels. Why and for what purpose each of the gospels was written.
*  Episode 1-03 - Jesus is Jehovah. Who is Jesus Christ and His relationship to Jehovah in the Old Testament.
*  Episode 1-02 - The Glory of Believing. Considering what belief is and why it is important to God.
*  Episode 1-01 - Knowing God. Discussing the fact that the greatest need any person has is to know God.

*  Episode 1 -31 - Words That Stopped an Arrest. Officers come to arrest the Lord, cannot because of His words.
*  Episode 1 -32 - The Woman Caught in Adultery. Pharisees try to trap the Lord with a woman caught in adultery.
            More on the Woman Caught in Adultery. Further teaching on the subject. NEW 8/20
*  Episode 1 -33 - The Light of the World. The Lord presents Himself as the light of the world.
*  Episode 1 -34 - The Way of the Fathers. God the Father versus the devil as a father.
*  Episode 1 -35 - One Greater than Abraham. The Lord reveals that He is greater than Abraham.
*  Episode 1 -36 - When the Blind Man Saw. The Lord heals a blind man, the religious leaders blind to the truth.
*  Episode 1 -37 - The Seeing and the Blind. The Lord makes it clear who can see and who is truly blind.
*  Episode 1 -38 - Which Sheep, What Shepherd. What does the Bible mean by "sheep" and "Shepherd?"
            Sheep and Dogs. Further teaching on Israel as the sheep. NEW! 9/30
*  Episode 1 -39 - The Sheep and the Fold.
The Lord teaches about Himself as the Shepherd of the sheep.
*  Episode 1 -40 - One With the Father.
When challenged, the Lord Jesus reveals He is one with the Father.
*  Episode 1 -41 - Can a Man be God?
Christ justifies calling Himself the Son of God by quoting Psalm 82.
  Psalm 82 Paraphrase With Explanation Expanded teaching on Psalm 82.
*  Episode 1 -42 - For the Glory of God. The Lord says Lazarus' death will be for the glory of God.
*  Episode 1 -43 - Who the Resurrection Is. The Lord tells Martha that He is the resurrection and the life.
        Considering Comfort. More about the comfort the Bible offers in the face of death.
*  Episode 1 -44 - When Jesus Wept. The Lord Jesus weeps at the tomb of Lazarus.
*  Episode 1 -45 - When Lazarus Was Raised. The resurrection of Lazarus causes many Jews to believe in Christ.
        Last Two Requests of Jesus Christ. Supplemental audio.
*  Episode 1 -46 - Jesus or the Poor. Judas prefers giving to the poor over honoring Jesus.
*  Episode 1 -47 - When the Jews Believed. Many Jews come to Jesus and believe in Him because of Lazarus.
*  Episode 1 -48 - What About the Greeks? Certain Greeks at the feast want to meet with the Lord Jesus.
        What is a Greek? Supplemental audio.
*  Episode 1 -49 - The Secret Believers. Some believe in the Lord, but secretly for fear of the Jewish leaders.
*  Episode 1 -50 - Washing Feet. The Lord shows the full extent of His love by washing feet.
*  Episode 1 -51 - The End of Love. The Lord shows the extent of His love by honoring the traitor Judas.
*  Episode 1 -52 - In My Father's House. What is the Father's house where the Lord prepares a place?

Sermon Audios: Other lessons Nathan has taught.

A Cross or a Stake? NEW! 7/6

If you listened to "Knowing God in the Word Episode 220: The Offense of the Cross" and would like know more about whether the cross was really our traditional cross with a pole and crosspiece or whether it was simply a pole or "stake," this audio discusses this question.
Age of Accountability.

If you listened to "Knowing God in the Word Episode 2-09: What Brings Accountability," you know I argued that it is the action of God that brings accountability. But what about the so-called "age of accountability" that many people teach? Does this have any Biblical basis? Examining what brings accountability, according to the Scriptures.
Everyone Who Asks Receives.

If you listened to "Knowing God in the Word Episode 2 -03: Whatever You Shall Ask" and would like know more about the promise "everyone who asks receives" in Matthew 7:7-11, this is a bonus audio covering this passage.
fancy fancy
What is a Greek?

If you listened to "Knowing God in the Word Episode 144: What About the Greeks" or "Episode 145: The Secret Believers" and would like know more about what a Greek is in Scripture, this audio examines that information.
Fancy Fancy
Last Two Requests of Jesus Christ:

If you listened to "Knowing God in the Word Episode 141: When Lazarus Was Raised" and would like know more about the last two requests of the Lord Jesus Christ, this audio provides more information about the last two things the Lord asked of the Father, and the reason I think they were granted, not rejected.
Considering Comfort:

If you listened to Knowing God in the Word Episode 139: Who the Resurrection Is and would like know more about the comfort the Bible offers in the face of the death, this audio considers comfort and God's example of comfort for the grieving.

Psalm 82 Paraphrase With Explanation:

If you listened to Knowing God in the Word Episode 1 -41: Can A Man Be God? and would like to further information about my paraphrase of Psalm 82, you can learn more in this audio.
Sheep and Dogs:

If you listened to "Knowing God in the Word Episode 134: Which Sheep, What Shepherd" and would like to further evidence regarding my teaching that Israel, not believers today, are the sheep, this audio is for you. First of all, I give two or three further witnesses to the Old Testament regarding this truth. Then, I discuss further the story wherein the Lord called a Gentile woman a dog. What can we learn from this passage?
fancy fancy
More on the Woman Caught in Adultery:

If you listened to Knowing God in the Word Episode 129: The Woman Caught in Adultery and would like to further explore this passage, this audio is for you. First of all, many modern versions of the Bible suggest that this passage may not belong in the Scriptures. What should we think about this? Then, what is the Bible actually teaching about adultery? Is this showing it is not so bad? Can we get away with this without punishment?
The Kingdom of God in the New Testament:

If you listened to Knowing God in the Word Episode 1-12: Seeing the Kingdom of God and would like to further explore the Biblical teaching on the Kingdom of God, this audio will give you valuable insights into the Kingdom and what it is.
The Meaning of Metanoia:

What is the true meaning of the Greek word metanoia, often translated "repentance"? How is it important for us to be metanoia?

One Another:

Considering the passages in the New Testament that talk about how we as believers are to act toward "one another." What are the Lord's commands regarding how we are to treat each other?
Two Families, Two Legacies:

Comparing two families, that of Eli the priest and that of Zadok the priest. Considering the legacies left to these families by these two fathers.
The Last Forty Days:

In this message, we consider the appearances of the Lord and His ministry during His last forty days on earth following His resurrection. His appearances to the women, to the two on the road to Emmaus, and to His twelve disciples, among others. What the Lord did and said during His final forty days of ministry.
Three Lessons on Grace:

There are three lessons we can learn about God's grace from the early days of David's kingship. Considering these lessons from II Samuel 7 and 9-10. What can we discover about God's grace today from these stories?

It is extremely important to God that His people be thankful. In this message, we consider thankfulness, and what God would want us to be thankful for.
The Kinsman Redeemer:

The Old Testament concept of the "kinsman redeemer" is illustrated in the story of the book of Ruth. This concept gives us a picture of the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Two Sauls:

Contrasting the Old Testament Saul the son of Kish, king of Israel, with the New Testament Saul of Tarsus, Christ's apostle.
Higher Criticism:

In this message, we discuss the so-called "higher critics" and their arguments against the Word of God. Why their arguments are more dangerous than that of those who reject the Bible outright. What their arguments are, and how we can answer them.
Following up on our examination of "higher criticism," we now examine some of the supposed "contradictions in Scripture" to see what explanations there might be for some of these supposed discrepancies.

Contradictions in Scripture 1: Temptations of Christ, Blind Men of Jericho, Two Miracles, Feeding the Multitude
Contradictions in Scripture 2: The Denials of Peter and At the Tomb
Samuel and Eli:

In this sermon, Nathan contrasts two important Bible characters from I Samuel 1-3: the child Samuel and the aged priest Eli. We see that age, position, and experience did not make a difference when Eli chose to honor his sons instead of the LORD. Samuel, by contrast, pleased the LORD in all he did.

Jehovah in the Hands of the Philistines:

In this sermon, Nathan follows the progress of the ark of the covenant as it is captured by the Philistines. We see how the Israelites actually taught them to view the ark the wrong way. We see the lessons that God taught them about Himself. We see how the Israelites, getting the ark back, showed that they did not respect it as they should have. Finally, we see how even David did not treat the ark as he should have, and had to learn a lesson. It is a hard thing to be in the presence of a holy God!


The Name:

In this sermon, Nathan discusses that in the Hebrew culture, your name was very significant as saying something about you. Therefore, the names of God used in the Bible actually teach us many things about Him. We examine these various names in both the Old and New Testaments.